Students at Josh Day

Josh Project

Dr. Randy Lange, a veterinarian in Tennessee, became frustrated at the lack of materials explaining surgery and offering comfort at a child’s level when his young daughter underwent surgery. That, along with his deep understanding of the powerful bond between humans and animals, led him to develop the Josh Project. 

The Josh Project sends veterinary student volunteers to the Children’s Hospital at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento to spend some time with the patients and make their days a little brighter. We bring stuffed dogs and are provided with medical supplies to assist us in creating a child friendly learning environment. The goal is to bring a small bit of the healing human-animal bond to the patients while helping the patients get more comfortable with the medical world by using the engaging format of animals. The student chapter of the AVMA at UC Davis has decided to continue the legacy of Dr. Lange and continues to send groups of veterinary students once a semester for the program. If you would like to learn more about the program please email the 2019-2020 coordinators, Isabella Rosen ( and Alex True ( 

2020 Update: With the COVID-19 pandemic preventing us from carrying out our usual visits in the fall of 2020, the students involved with the Josh Project put together a short video instead for the pediatric patients at UC Davis Health. See the video below of Josh the dog going to the hospital for some tests and procedures! 


Donations of all sizes are appreciated and welcomed!  If you would like to donate, you can do so online or please make checks payable to SAVMA with “Josh Project” in the memo line and return them to:

SAVMA-Josh Project
UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine
Office of the Dean
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616