Pet Food Program

Pet Food Program

What is the pet food program?

SAVMA offers this program to all registered SAVMA members, VMTH Residents, Faculty, and Staff at the beginning of each school year.  This program allows the UC Davis Vet Med community to receive the pet food they love at heavily discounted prices while also helping their SAVMA Chapter. 
The Pet Food Program is a major fundraiser for UC Davis SAVMA! Membership in this program goes directly back to the UC Davis SAVMA Chapter to:

  • Fund students attending national and international SAVMA and research conferences.
  • Subsidize costs of valuable externship experiences.
  • Support philanthropic endeavors such as Our Oath in Action.
  • Subsidize surgical packs for the 3rd year surgery course.
  • Provide scholarships to the students.

The SAVMA Pet Food Program runs from September through May of each school year, with some company programs continuing through the summer. The student company representatives are responsible for coordinating and managing distributions. For additional questions, please contact these student representatives about their respective ordering systems. Contact information can be accessed below. 
Also, see the below chart for some of the basic differences between companies. 
Membership fees remain static throughout the year, so sign up early to take advantage of this membership benefit!

Students - CLICK HERE to sign up

Faculty/staff/residents - CLICK HERE to sign up

For detailed sign-up instructions and more information about the Pet Food Program click here

If you have questions about the sign-up process above, please contact SAVMA Treasurer-elect Emma Cushing. If you have questions about specific companies, please contact the Student Reps.

Participating Companies and Student Representative Contact Information

Company Name Student Representative Student Rep Email 
Hill's Pet Nutrition  Danielle Oertle (2025) 
  Marin Green (2026)
Lafeber Sarah Eusebi (2026)
Nutramax n/a n/a
Oxbow Animal Health Samantha Perez (2025)
Platinum Performance n/a n/a
Purina  Matt Burke (2025)
  Kelley Kramer (2025)
  Morgan Weed (2026)
  Mina Park (2026)
Royal Canin Stephanie Han (2025)
  Sara Clarkson (2026)


Basic differences between companies and what they offer 


Types of animal products


Delivery Options

Additional Information

Condensed Product Guides

Hills Pet Nutrition

Dog/cat dry food, wet food, treats, prescription diets.

50% for students

25% for faculty/staff

Direct to home – delivery fee

Must make Hillls account.

Prescription diets require vet recommendation.

All Hills products are available through the program.


Bird food and treats.

65% minimum purchase of $20

Delivery to specified address

Google Form – order form.

Click here for a quick reference of Lafeber Products


Dog, cat, and horse supplements.


Call/email to sign up.



Pocket pets and exotics food and treats.




Platinum Performance

Equine, canine, feline, and humans general and specialized supplements.


Delivery to specified address.

Platinum Performance Application.



Dogs & Cats: All Pro Plan Veterinary Diets & Select Pro Plan Well Pet Diets

Contact students reps for discounts

Delivery to shipping address.

Make Purina account and get enrollment card.

Veterinary diets require prescription.

Click here for a quick reference of Purina Products

Royal Canin

Dog and cat general, specialized, and therapeutic diets.


Delivery to one specific address.

Does not require prescription for therapeutic diets.

Click here for a quick reference of Royal Canin Products

Full product lists and company order details can be found on the individual companies’ pages on the left.