Bake Sale Fundraisers

Bake Sale Fundraisers

For FALL 2020, Bake Sales have been SUSPENDED due to COVID-19. Please check back in next semester for an update! 

 How to Setup a Bake Sale

 1. Choose a desired date. Bake sales are only to be held on MONDAYS.

2. Check this date with the School’s Event Calendar on VIPER (there is only ONE bake sale allowed per week).  You can check this calendar by clicking here or going to VIPER>Schedule>View Schedules>By Location then check room 1003 Valley. If you see that Valley is reserved by another club for an all day event that week, you cannot request another date that week, you must choose another date/week. If it is clear, then proceed.

3. Reserve Valley Foyer through VIPER for the day of your bake sale. If you cannot reserve/are denied use of Valley Foyer (1003 Valley), you need to choose a new date and all scheduling rules still apply. Please be aware that the administration has final control over whether these reservations are approved.  Even if the date/weeks look clear, you might still be denied by them, in which case you need to pick another date. (Reserve a room by going through VIPER>Schedule>Room Reservation)

4. Obtain approval for the 1003 Valley Reservation request before proceeding. This is generally done quickly, but can take up to a week or two, so you need to plan in advance. 

5. Request for event posting on SAVMA calendar. Please fill out the form HERE to request to have an event posted on the SAVMA calendar

6. Submit a Fundraising Approval Form for organization through OrgSync. This needs to be done at least a week or 1.5 weeks in advance to ensure approval prior to the date of your event. You can log in to OrgSync and search for "Application to Raise Funds", then complete the form on behalf of your club. You must be notified that this is approved BEFORE you hold your event. 

7. Advertise and bake, bake, bake, bake, bake  

8. Please clean up after yourselves on the day of the bake sale by 5:00pm! You cannot leave any treats, plates/platters or the cash box in the Valley Foyer past 5:00pm. If you are leaving dishes behind to be picked up, you need to move them to one of the homerooms. You must wipe down the counter as well

If you organized the event and reserved the space, you will be held responsible.