The Board

The UC Davis Student American Veterinary Medical Association (SAVMA) Chapter is an organization dedicated to connecting veterinary students across the nation and enhancing the student experience outside the classroom at UC Davis. SAVMA provides funding for university-registered veterinary school clubs, student travel associated with educational endeavors, and student scholarships. For more information about SAVMA, please explore our website further and visit the SAVMA website.


Molly Mettler (2024)


Vice President​

Catarina Bianchi (2024)



Jeremy Rigali (2024)


Student Activities Treasurer

Katherine Griffin


SAVMA Senior Delegate

Chelsea Chiv (2024)



Sarah Gill (2025)


Senior CVMA Representative

Allison Pankowski (2023)


IVSA Representative

Mieko Temple (2025)


Mentor Program Co-chair

Rebecca Moore (2025)


Julianne Nussbaum (2024)


Isabel Vaishampayan (2025)


Vice President-Elect

Callie Wilcox (2025)



Shannon Cook (2025)


Student Activities Treasurer-Elect

Caitlyn Higginbotham (2024)


SAVMA Junior Delegate

Mandy Ayers (2025)


Josh Project Coordinator

Brooke Littman (2025)


Junior CVMA Representative

Holly Hallsten (2024)


Graduate Professional Student Rep.

Katherine Griffin


Mentor Program Co-chair 

Danielle Oertle (2025)


Avery Mandel (2025)

    Class of 2022 Co-Presidents 

    Class of 2022 SAVMA Co-Representatives

    Class of 2023 Co-Presidents

    Class of 2023 SAVMA Co-Representatives

    Class of 2024 Co-Presidents

    Class of 2024 SAVMA Co-Representatives

    Class of 2025 Co-Presidents 

    Class of 2025 SAVMA Co-Representatives

    Faculty Representatives

    Senior Faculty Advisor

    Dr. Karl Jandrey


    Student Club Administrative Liaison

    Tina Maher

    Junior Faculty Advisor

    Dr. Erik Olstad


    Administration Representative

    Dr. Joie Watson